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Data Visualization Web Platform

For The Center for Economic Inclusion

Users: Policy makers, business leader, and members of the media.

Methods: Competitive Audit I Competitive Testing I SWOT Analysis I User Interviews I Stakeholder Interviews I Data Visualization Research I Speed Dating

Tools: Sketch I InVision  


The Challenge

Establish a way for policy makers and business leaders to view actionable data gathered by The Center for Economic Development.


The Solution

  • Meaningful context and explicit data relationships

  • Concise, actionable steps for achieving economic inclusion

  • Accountability for individuals interested in joining the cause


The Approach

Empathize with policy makers, business leaders, and members of the media to understand what data formats are the most accessible, meaningful and actionable.

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What already exists?

There are many websites and dashboards that have similar data as what The Center for Economic Inclusion is looking to track but they are not meeting the specific needs of both The Center for Economic Inclusion as well as their users.

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What are the issues users have?

  • What does the data mean?

  • What am I supposed to do?

  • Will it make a difference?

What should we do different?

  • Create graphs that are easy to read and are contextualized with meaningful information.

  • Provide concise actionable steps for implementation.

  • Offer a way for users to pledge to join others in making difference in our future economy.

What are some possible solutions?

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What should the web platform look like?

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