Web and Mobile App Recommendations

For Cook Smarts

Users: People who are looking to make cooking at home more convenient, efficient and more enjoyable.

Methods: Competitive Audit I Competitive Testing I Heuristic Analysis I A/B Testing I System Usability Scale I NASA TLI

Tools: Sketch I Axure  


The Challenge

Create and test a prototype of recommendations based on initial research.


The Solution

  • Reformat Recipes

  • Integrate a Mobile Application

  • Increase the Visibility of Key Features

Findings and Recommendations


The Approach

Empathize with meal subscription users and gather insights about what could be done better. Synthesize findings, create an interactive prototype and then test the hypothesis with users using A/B Testing.

Who is the user? What are they using?

To best understand the user I conducted user and stakeholder interviews. To better understand the market, I conducted a competitive audit and competitive testing of other meal and recipe services.

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 4.41.06 PM.png

What should be different?

  • Reformat Recipes

    -Bold ingredients

    -Place measurements in recipe

    -Optimize the measurements given

  • Integrate a Mobile Application

    -Incorporate tabbing between sections

  • Increase the Visibility of Key Features

    -Reorient buttons

What will these recommendations look like in a Mobile App?


What do users think?

I conducted immersive A/B Testing in user’s kitchens. NASA’s Task Load Index and the System Usability Scale were used to calculate the results.

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 5.00.06 PM.png

What was the result?

Overall users had on average 2 less errors and double the usability score when using the prototype version of Cook Smarts.