Ride Command Vehicle Companion App for Polaris

Users: Powersport Vehicle Drivers

Tools: Sketch I Photoshop I Illustrator I Confluence I JIRA 

Deliverables: Production Assets I Wireframes I Visual Mockups

noun_mobile apps_630491_0a0a0a.png

The Web and Mobile Application - Ride Command

The web and mobile application “Ride Command” is for powersport users. The application allows for

  • Planing, Tracking, and Sharing Rides

  • Tracking vehicle maintenance and statistics

Supports: Snow, Off-road, Motorcycle, and Slingshot vehicles.


My Role

While my title is Production Designer on the Design and Digital Experience (DDX) Team, I do a variety of things including:

  • Create production assets in photoshop and illustrator based on design and branding specs

  • Whiteboard with design team to concept upcoming Ride Command features

  • Create wireframes in Sketch from whiteboarding sessions to present to developers in a sprint planning session

  • Participate in biweekly design team design review sessions to give and receive feedback on weekly work

  • Design visuals concepts to be presented to stakeholders

  • Organize wireframes for Ride Command screen flows in confluence as to be accessible for developers

  • Create symbol libraries in sketch from established comps and wireframes for the design team

  • Review staging version of app and portal for design and UI inconsistencies or errors

Work Samples


Please Email stone.leana@gmail.com